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Capture every incident. Record every encounter.

Out on patrol, you never know what to expect: the situation can escalate from routine to life-threatening in seconds. Make sure you keep a complete record, with in-car and motorcycle video camera systems.

WatchGuard 4RE? In-Car Video Camera System
The most trusted and deployed in-car video system for law enforcement.
WatchGuard 4RE? In-Car Video Camera System
The most trusted and deployed in-car video system for law enforcement.
Designed for purpose

The 4RE is designed to deliver security, flexibility and efficiency in the most demanding environment: law enforcement.

Advanced features

Record-After-the-Fact. License Plate Recognition. Live video-streaming. The 4RE has what you need to keep officers safe.

Integrated with body-worn cameras

Seamless system, capturing video from multiple viewpoints and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.


Get your cameras and get going. Start using the 4RE now, for a simple monthly charge.

Choose the video camera that’s right for you

Zero sightline camera

A compact camera that leaves drivers with an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

Panoramic X2 camera

A dual-lens panoramic camera that dramatically expands the view in front of the patrol car.

Mini zoom camera

A specialized 12X zoom camera that captures critical video evidence from a safe distance

Strengthen your evidence

Strengthen your evidence

WatchGuard V300 body-worn police cameras work seamlessly with the WatchGuard 4RE in-car video system, capturing video of a single incident from multiple vantage points and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.

Make safer stops with license plate detection

WatchGuard 4RE in-car system cameras use license plate detection during traffic stops to provide real-time, in-vehicle actionable intelligence, helping officers distinguish between a routine stop and something potentially more serious.

Scan. Detect. Act.

The 4RE camera scans the vehicle’s plate in front of the patrol car. WatchGuard CarDetector Mobile software searches for a matching plate of interest. The officer is immediately notified if the plate has been flagged and takes appropriate precautions.

Complete video solution

Do more with more

The 4RE in-car system is just the starting point towards a comprehensive mobile video policing solution. The 4REm motorcycle system and 4RE interview room system share the same technology platform, user interface, workflows, evidence management software and applications as the in-car system.

Recover critical evidence after the fact

Record-After-the-Fact? (RATF) technology gives agencies the ability to go back in time and capture video from events - days after they happened.

Record-After-the-Fact is a key technology in mobile video

The Des Moines Police Department uses Record-After-the-Fact technology to go back in time and capture video when the camera system wasn’t recording.

Experience our products for yourself

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Without Record-After-the-Fact, we wouldn't have had the entire corroborating story. It's going to solve crimes for you. That's a no-brainer.

Theodore Stroope


Des Moines PD

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