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Body Camera


Officers, healthcare workers and public-facing officials rely on the indisputable, non-bias evidence body cameras provide to protect their livelihood and build trust.

Behind the Body Cameras

Innovation, integration and expertise is built into every body camera so our customers can perform their best in the moments that matter.

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Customers inspire innovation

Customers are our best source of inspiration and help to drive innovations like body cameras with detachable batteries, allowing operation well beyond a 12-hour shift.

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Integration provides insight

Integrated systems, like body cameras that stream video into fixed camera security systems, allow security personnel to gain complete situational awareness and respond accordingly.

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Expertise creates leadership

Leadership is born of expertise, like being the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement, having supplied over one-third of all agencies in the U.S. and Canada.

Police Body Camera

WatchGuard V300 continuous-operation body camera remains operational beyond a 12-hour shift.

Hear from your law enforcement peers.


Reasons for use

92% of agencies say accountability, legitimacy and transparency are reasons to purchase.


Recommend adoption

85% of agencies using body cameras recommend other agencies adopt body cameras.


Require activation

56% of agencies require activation at the moment an officer begins interaction with a citizen.


Prohibited to record

36% of agencies prohibit officers from recording when conducting personal activities while on duty.

Take your video policing program to the next level.

Safer on the front line

Whether you’re a police officer dealing with an agitated citizen, a security professional engaging with an unwanted visitor, or a retail worker interacting with a difficult customer, our products can help to keep you safer.

Body Cameras for Law Enforcement

Ruggedized, continuous-operation body cameras with advanced communications and recording capabilities that keep officers connected and evidence secure while in the field.

Body Cameras for Commercial Business

Lightweight, unobtrusive cameras that integrate with fixed video security systems to provide security operators with complete situational awareness and help staff in public-facing roles feel safe.


Get your cameras and get going. Body-worn and in-car cameras for a simple monthly charge.

Want to learn more about body cameras?

When you look at it, when you play it back, when you view it - the video footage and audio footage is second to none.

Bodyworn Camera

Jay Thompson

Chief of Arkansas Highway Police

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