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Unified team communications.

Nothing is faster than right NOW in Unified Workgroup Communications.

Keeping up with business today means operating at the speed of NOW.

Discover how you can communicate.


Arm front-line and field workers with operations-critical professional and commercial radio products.

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Without boundaries

On-site or off-site, management, front-line workers and field teams are always in touch with WAVE Work Group.

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With added intelligence

Use purpose-built apps designed for specific jobs and responsibilities for immediate team mobilization.

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With confidence

Reduce the complexity, time and cost of radio and infrastructure management.

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Experience the power of NOW.

Keeping up with business today means operating at the speed of now. From workers and teams to customers and vendors, that’s how fast things need to happen. Right NOW.

Push to communicate with the Power of NOW from Motorola Solutions.

See where your communications rank.

Take this five minute assessment and take a first step towards joining the NOW Generation.

Receive a custom report designed to evaluate how well you’re communicating instantly, across boundaries, and with added intelligence.

Start communicating NOW

Industry insights by the numbers.


68% of school personnel prefer to use two-way radios for instant workgroup communication.

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Hospitality and retail

80% of radio users say having fast, immediate group communication is important in their business environment.

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71% of manufacturers believe it it very important/important to connect all communications devices.

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100% of mining workers stated multiple devices to communicate with each other.

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Oil and gas

82% of oil and gas workers stated they are using multiple devices to communicate with each other.

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Private security

67% of security professionals desire work order and job assignments as their PTT device.

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Transportation and logistics

78% of transportation workers are using multiple devices to communicate.

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92% of utility workers believe it is important to seamlessly connect all different communication devices.

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What is unified communications?


Rosen Hotels & Resorts seamlessly unifies communications for over 4,000 associates

Experience how Rosen Hotels & Resorts elevated their guest experience by seamlessly connecting thousands of employees across nine properties.

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