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Our 2019 Hospitality Survey Says:


Voice Communication

60% of workers are using two-way radios as their primary form of communication.


Radio Maintenance

58% of manufacturing workers maintain their radios as needed.


Multi-Device Use

80% of workers use more than one device to communicate on the job.


Seamlessly Connect

94% of workers say it would be valuable to communicate across devices.

Get the Full 2019 Survey Report

Get a 5-star review with team communications

The time is NOW to imagine a world where hotel staff from transportation to security, maintenance, housekeeping, and beyond can communicate effortlessly both on and offsite.

Unified communications and video security

Download the paper from Hospitality Technology and discover how integrating video security in your unified communications framework helps create retail and hospitality organizations that deliver seamless guest experiences.

Join the communication nation

64% of enterprise workers responded that it is important to have instant, nationwide communication. Download the whitepaper and discover how to get on trend with the WAVE two-way radio.

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Build your hospitality communications solution online today

Create seamless experiences from check-in to check-out

Boost your network

Nitro enables a seamless, unified operation by combining business-critical voice and private broadband data.

Unified team communications

Experience instant communication, without boundaries and with added intelligence with our Unified Communications Solution. Connect networks and devices in an instant.

Broadband push-to-talk

Connect your fleet with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE, a push-to-talk service that goes wherever the journey may take you.


Rosen Hotels & Resorts seamlessly unifies communications for over 4,000 associates

Experience how Rosen Hotels & Resorts elevated their guest experience by seamlessly connecting thousands of employees across nine properties.

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