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 Walkie Talkies


TALKABOUT? walkie-talkies deliver dependable, instant communications hands-free or at the touch of a button so all you have to worry about is enjoying, living and conquering your moments.

Welcome to the TALKABOUT family.

From family fun to emergency preparations to extreme outdoor adventure, go further with our range of TALKABOUT walkie-talkies.

Adventures come in all sizes.

Make sure you have the right radio to keep you connected so you can own your moment.

Kids and families

TALKABOUT Kids and Family walkie-talkies are perfect for staying touch when at home or out and about.

Basic users

TALKABOUT basic user walkie-talkies are the ideal way to prepare for an emergency or stay connected during an outdoor adventure.

Sports and outdoors

TALKABOUT sports and outdoor walkie-talkies are the rugged travel companion you need on your wildest adventures.

Accessorize and go further.

Unlock the power of your walkie-talkies with convenient power, carry and audio accessories.

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Talkabout T800 series

Go beyond push-to-talk with the TALKABOUT T800 & TALKABOUT App. Share texts, locations & more while off-grid to stay connected wherever your adventures go.

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Talkabout T600 H2O series

These rugged, waterproof radios are ideal for water and snow activities. They feature emergency capabilities and, if dropped in the water, float face up for easy retrieval.

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Talkabout T400 series

From wilderness adventures to hunting and emergency preparedness, T400 Series radios are perfect for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Talkabout T200 series

Designed for the active family, the T200 Series is great for keeping in touch during camping trips, hiking on trails, and at the beach.

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Talkabout T100 series

Perfect for the entire family, the T100 Series lets you stay in touch when you’re at the playground, biking in the park or enjoying a picnic.

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Accessorize your walkie-talkie with these convenient power, carry and audio accessories.

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TALKABOUT T800 walkie-talkies go beyond push-to-talk

With the TALKABOUT app, your T800 walkie-talkie becomes more powerful with the ability to locate a friend’s campsite, share your current location, and send messages with your group, all while exploring off-grid.

Talkabout app enabled

Power-up your T800 walkie-talkie with the TALKABOUT app to enable features never before possible with a two-way radio.

Group messaging off-grid

Message individuals or groups while off the cellular grid to connect the way you prefer.


Weatherproof IPX4

Designed to battle the elements and survive any weather you can find on your adventure so you stay connected.

T-800 walkie-talkie

Share and track location offline

See your group on a map, share locations and track your routes with statistics to conquer any environment.

Easy pairing

Quickly pair all radios in your group with the touch of a button to spend less time preparing and more time exploring.


NOAA channels and alerts

Stay tuned-in to weather updates and send emergency broadcast to anyone in range in case of emergency.

T-800 walkie-talkie

Meet your off-grid connection.

Pair T800 walkie-talkies with the TALKABOUT app to send messages, locations and more over radio frequencies with fellow T800 users in your in your group.

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