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Operator Training

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The successful implementation of your communications system depends on its confident users.

? Users of your mobile and portable radios require training on their units to understand its basic operation, features and functions

? Dispatchers of your consoles require training to understand basic operation, features and functions

??Management personnel require training on the Motorola Solutions applications


With this option, Motorola trains people you have identified as qualified instructors so that they, in turn, can train each individual user in your organization. These classes are done on site using your equipment. The interactive End-User Toolkit (iEUTK) and/or tailored end-user materials can be utilized.


This course is geared for customers who have an experienced, dedicated training staff in their organization. This course concentrates on specific product features and how it relates to the training process.


This course provides the customer’s identified training personnel knowledge and practice applying training techniques that will enable them to successfully train their students. Trainers will use simulation, facilitation and hands-on activities to facilitate learning events supported by tailored training materials and job aides. Students will become proficient in discussing common tasks associated with the operation of the customer’s radios and consoles as identified by the customer’s needs analysis.

Note: This course is presented as customer-specific and will cover pertinent information on customer equipment.


With this option, the users within your organization are trained by a Motorola Solutions instructor. These classes are typically done on-site using your equipment. The interactive End-User Toolkit (iEUTK) and/or tailored end-user materials support this training option.


These courses provide operators and supervisors with an introduction to the basic operation, administration and feature functionality of the Console Systems. Through facilitation and hands-on practice, users learn to perform tasks that are associated with their organization’s particular system.

? Overview of console configuration

? Console dispatcher and supervisor operation


These courses provide radio users with an introduction to their radios, a review of their radio’s basic functionality by means of job aides tailored to exactly how they use their radios. Through facilitation and hands-on practice, users learn to perform common tasks associated with their radio configuration.

? Overview of radio configuration

? General radio operations


Note: The interactive End-User Toolkit (iEUTK) is not sold as a standalone product but included with our instructor-led, Train-The-Trainer or Operator Training.

View our operator training courses for console and radio products in your region's technical training catalog.?

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