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security operations

Security operations awareness and incident management

Enhance and simplify security operations with easy-to-use device location mapping, as well as incident records and dispatch management to communicate instantly across devices and make proactive decisions.

Streamline security operations, incident management and dispatch communications from end to end.

Easily visualize incidents and devices, capture and report on incident details, and communicate across devices.

Easy to use. Easy to access.

Easy to use. Easy to access.

Securely connect anytime, anywhere, and complete installation in as little as three hours.

Instant communications

Instant communications

Connect your team with reliable voice communication and information sharing across devices and radios.

Improved insights

Improved insights

Enhance decision making through real-time device and incident location mapping. Embedded analytics and reporting improve response time and trend analysis.

security operations for healthcare

Our platform helps any organization that operates dispatch and incident management teams.

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Ally: security incident management software

Ally streamlines security operations with an integrated, cloud-based platform. Through ease of use and immediate access, Ally connects your teams to all incident, dispatch and analytics information with the devices you use today.

Ally security incident management software
Instant communication

Learn and train quickly

Ally can be implemented in as little as three hours, and the intuitive design is easy to navigate for any end user.

Communicate instantly across devices

Communicate across devices

Ally makes it easy to share information and gain fast, secure and reliable push-to-talk communication across any device.

Create easy and accurate reports

Create easy and accurate reports

Embedded analytics and easy-to-create reports support fast trend analysis, proactive planning and reduced liability.

security operations for schools

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Mass notification
Notify and mobilize critical resources in a moment’s notice. Deliver automatic and routine information to your employees via a mobile app, phone, email, SMS and paging.
Mass notification
Notify and mobilize critical resources in a moment’s notice. Deliver automatic and routine information to your employees via a mobile app, phone, email, SMS and paging.
Enhance team communications

Schedule or deliver alerts to your team via mobile app, phone, email, SMS and page.

Deploy with flexibility & reliability

Cloud and other deployment options are available along with seamless integration with multiple critical applications.

Rely on advanced security

Advanced encryption and multi-tiered architecture ensure information security and peace of mind.

Mass notification
security operations for public

Learn how to streamline your security operations.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Operational awareness of your assets for improved response and decisions. See real-time locations of MOTOTRBO and WAVE-enabled devices on a single map.

  • View one map for MOTOTRBO and WAVE devices
  • Get the right personnel to the right place at the right time
  • Accelerate, automate and streamline workflows

For daily reporting, parking enforcement, trespass citations, patrol stats, CAD, etc. we recently acquired Ally. It’s customizable, intuitive, and levels above other reporting software I researched.

Cookeville, TN Regional Medical Center building

M. Burnette

Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville, TN

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