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"I’m the calm voice when you’re in distress. When every second matters, I guide the response."

Make dispatch more efficient and responders safer with incident-based talk groups and a singular, real-time view of 9-1-1 data and locations of callers and first responders.

Anything can happen in seconds.

Give first responders the right information, the first time. When responders know what they’re facing before they arrive, they can move quicker to keep the public—and themselves—safe.

Police CAD Software
police dispatch

Coordinate a quicker response

Enable dispatchers to process critical information and notify first responders within seconds.

Voice-aided dispatch

Maximize collaboration

Optimize interoperability between agencies, systems and databases to keep everyone connected in real time.

law enforcement dispatch

Keep officers and citizens safe

Maintain situational awareness as incidents escalate with real-time response location, status information and alerts.

Police Dispatch Software

Dispatchers manage critical tasks across multiple systems. Is your team properly focused?

Computer Aided Dispatch Solutions

Resolve incidents faster and more safely with a unified, real-time operational view.

PremierOne? Dispatch Software

Streamline the data flow from call-taking to dispatch and focus on coordinating response to large-scale incidents with decisive speed and maximum configuration.

Spillman Flex? Dispatch Software

Connect responders with complete, life-saving information in an integrated and off-the-shelf solution built for single or multiple jurisdictional dispatch.

CommandCentral AXS

In today’s dispatch world, there’s more information, resources and tools competing for your attention than ever before. Cut through the noise and be ready for any situation with CommandCentral AXS.

Mass Notification System

Notify and mobilize citizens, first responders and critical teams about an escalating incident at a moment’s notice via mobile app, phone, email, SMS or page.

PremierOne Citizen Service Request

Manage incoming citizen service requests from email, the web or social media in a single platform to improve communication and service to the community.


Dispatchers with the right information get responders to incidents faster.

Streamlining dispatch operations

Streamlining dispatch operations

Metro Nashville Emergency Communications Center streamlines dispatch to multiple agencies to keep residents and tourists safe.

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It’s a calm voice. It’s me speaking for you, when you can’t. When everything in your head is scrambled and you have no idea what you need. I’m going to figure that out for you.

Sam Hall

911 Dispatcher

Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center, IL

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