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“I am the data backbone for the force. I preserve & protect critical information.”

Easily manage all data across your operation. Incident and 9-1-1 data, sensor information, radio logs, images and video are centralized, intelligently organized and can be digitally shared to eliminate complexity, achieve compliance and improve productivity.

The definition of a record is changing.

Think beyond forms and reports. Now, video, audio, images, sensor data and more that are captured over the course of an incident also need to be successfully managed. Your agency needs a next-generation records management solution designed for this new reality.

Police Records Software
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Centralize data access

Store traditional, structured records data as well as all images, video and any other multimedia - together in one place.

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Automate organization

Ensure you meet UCR and IBR standards, and all data can be easily found, and efficiently expunged when necessary.

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Simplify sharing

Digitally deliver information with chain of custody intact - whether a complete case file to partners or body-worn video to the public.

A major city produces over 100TB of body-worn video in one month.* Are you ready?

Records and Evidence Management Solutions

Ensure your growing volume of data can be leveraged to its fullest potential through next-generation records and evidence management.

Spillman Flex? Records

Create reliable records with an off-the-shelf and single-source database that offers small to mid-size agencies a secure records management solution.

PremierOne? Records

Take complete control of your information with a robust, scalable, secure and highly configurable records management system for large-scale agencies.

CommandCentral Vault

Consolidate and organize your video, images, data and more with a cloud-based digital evidence management solution that augments any records management system.

CommandCentral Records

Simplify data management and close cases faster with a secure, integrated records and evidence system in the cloud.

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Data management demands will increase in the transition from UCR to NIBRS.

Discover next-generation records management

Built on an integrated platform, next-generation records management enables officers to increase their patrol time, detectives to close cases quicker and ultimately your agency to reduce crime rates.

Imagine the future of records management

Learn about our vision for the future of records management and the ways it can empower new levels of productivity for your agency.

Take your first steps toward tomorrow

Like what you’ve seen? Download these action briefs to learn how to begin your journey toward next-generation records management.

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We're able to categorize evidence a lot faster and get it out a lot faster to the DA and other requesters.

Jessica Flinn

Jessica Flinn

Digital Content Manager,

Boulder Co. Sheriff’s Office, CO

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