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PTT without Boundaries

Instant communication unbounded by coverage area, network technology or device type.

Take push-to-talk (PTT) further.

Cost-effectively communicate whenever, wherever, and whatever -- location, network, media, or device.

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Communicate across any
network - with any device

Seamless communication with other agencies, as well as personnel outside of LMR coverage.

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Enhance collaboration
and increase productivity

Voice, video, and text shared across individuals or groups at the push of a button.

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Improve employee safety
and expand situational awareness

MCPTT-compliant features keep critical users connected, safe, and informed.

We know Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT).
15+ years
15+ years
We have been doing Broadband PTT for more than 15 years.
500+ deployments
500+ deployments
Our Broadband PTT deployments are greater than 500 world-wide.
1 million+
1 million+
More than 1 million users rely on our interoperability technology.
Meets U.S. Department of Defense requirements.

Broadband PTT & LMR interoperability Services

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of solutions for instant communications and network interoperability, you can find just the fit for your organization’s needs.

KODIAK Broadband Push to Talk

A network-integrated platform for MCPTT deployments that provides the enhanced communications and connectivity necessary for critical communication.

WAVE Push-To-Talk (PTT)

A carrier-independent broadband PTT service that eliminates the barriers between devices, networks and locations, and lets everyone be part of the conversation.

Critical Connect

A single, secure interface delivers interoperable voice and data communications with multiple agencies, across town, across the state or across the nation.

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Learn how push-to-talk (PTT) services has evolved from the early 20th century to today.

Juan Ortiz

Now we can have those agency’s representatives that don’t necessarily carry a radio [...] communicate back into the Emergency Operations Center.

Juan Ortiz

Emergency Management Coordinator, Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management

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