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Application Developer Program

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Want to integrate your product with Motorola Solutions?

This program is for you. Learn about the supported platforms & how you can apply to become a member.


Application Developer Kit (ADK)

Our ADKs and documentation enable solution development for ASTRO? 25, DIMETRA?, Intelligent Middleware or MOTOTRBO?.

Modern Systems for Asset Distribution

Use our modern systems to access the assets and resources necessary for product development.

Development Tools

Utilize our library of docs, sample code, demo apps and custom tools along with industry open source tools to help build your solutions.

Access to Test Labs

Rent time in our Europe or North America labs to insure quality by testing your solution against a live Motorola Solutions reference system.

Community & Motorola Support

Obtain quick support via your peers in the developer community. Alternatively, ask question directly to trained Motorola ADP Engineers.


The Motorola Solutions Application Developer Program is for B2B professionals, desiring to build and integrate solutions for sale to end customers, participation in specific projects or for internal corporate use.

Technology & System Proficiency

Make sure you have deep understanding and development experience in the technology platform you are planning to apply a license for.

Market & Development Expertise

Have experience in building the type of application(s) you intend to develop. If you intend to resell your solution, insure you possess the ability to market and support them accordingly.

Protect Motorola Solutions Intellectual Property

Agree to accept and protect all Motorola Solutions Intellectual Property provided under the eventual license offered to you.

Commitment to the Customer & Motorola Solutions

Be committed to provide professionals levels of support to customers and Motorola Solutions Channel Partners. Motorola Solutions does not warrant 3rd party solutions.


Request License

Contact your nearest Motorola representative or request online a license to develop solutions for one of Motorola Solutions Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies including ASTRO?25, DIMETRATM , Intelligent Middleware and MOTOTRBO™

Accept our Terms & Conditions

After you have submitted a request, your application will reviewed internally. This review typically takes about 3 weeks. If approved, a technology-specific license agreement will be offered to you. This contractual agreement must be executed by both parties to join our developer community and gain access to the specific Application Development Kit (ADK)

Access Development Toolkit & ADK Support

After license execution, you will be provided access to our Developer Portal where you will receive access to the ADK and developer support.

Develop Solutions

Start developing and testing your solutions integrated with Motorola Solutions systems and platforms.


After successful deployment references, Authorized Application Providers of Motorola Solutions can also promote products to the marketplace through our free online applications catalog. For more information, click here.


ASTRO?25 Subscribers

P25 voice and data platform designed for mission critical seamless communication for public safety agencies and commercial businesses


From nationwide public safety to smaller systems for commercial organizations.


Designed with a robust mix of features to increase workforce efficiency, productivity and safety.

Intelligent Middleware

Services and applications that ensures seamless communications between your teams, regardless of the network they are on or the device they are carrying.


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