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Cybersecurity Services

Protect your organization with cybersecurity services to identify and prevent cyber threats.

Sophisticated cyber attacks can cost billions

Protect your organization with cybersecurity services aligned to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to detect, prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

Risk Assessment and Consulting Services

Identify vulnerabilities and develop a robust cybersecurity strategy with a security risk assessment.

Penetration Testing

Assess the real-world effectiveness of your technical controls, security policies and procedures to prevent data breaches with penetration testing services.

Security Patching

Mitigate your cybersecurity risk with effective patching. Our security patching includes pre-testing, validation and anti-malware software updates in line with industry standards.

Security Monitoring

Monitor your IT system 24/7 with experienced and certified security professionals from Motorola Solutions’ Security Operations Center (SOC).

Advanced Threat Detection & Response

Ensure 24/7 threat management and data protection across your network, endpoints, cloud applications and infrastructure with the ActiveEyeSM security monitoring platform.

System Recovery

Swiftly respond to and recover from cyber attacks with advanced threat hunting technologies and deep security expertise.

Cybersecurity Training

Augment your organization’s cybersecurity skills with education and training for risk management, cloud security, TDoS and DDos attacks, security incident response and more.


400+ cyber attacks hit agencies in the past 24 months. Are you protected?

Services to deliver availability and resiliency

Learn more about our service capabilities and solutions.

Security products for your entire system

Security is no longer an option for mission-critical communications. Protect your communication system and the information it carries.

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Is your system at risk? You should know 24/7 - from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Is your system at risk? You should know 24/7 - from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

MyView provides visibility of your system status and health, online 24/7. You can access security monitoring cases, average resolution time and more, to manage risk and make informed decisions.

Select the right services for your ecosystem

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure Services

Device services

Device Services

Software services

Software Services

Video services

Video Services

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