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 health resources

Resources for Businesses and Agencies During COVID-19

Find information on disinfecting communications equipment, implementing quickly deployable solutions, offers and access to experts.

Resources to Work More Safely and Efficiently

Ensure your communications equipment is properly disinfected and that your team has the solutions needed to get their jobs done effectively.

Effectively disinfect your radios & equipment

View recommended general Motorola Solutions radio, body-worn camera, accessory and fixed infrastructure cleaning and disinfecting guidelines in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Quickly deployable technology

Ensure your team has the technology required to act safely and efficiently. Find solutions for public safety, government and business from radios and accessories to video and software to support you during the health crisis.

Special offers and grant assistance available

Special offers and grant assistance programs are available for select solutions. Explore options on the technology used to keep your agency or business connected.

We’re here to help answer any questions

Public Safety Partner Association Resources

Motorola Solutions blog

Stay informed with the latest industry news and information.

industry experts

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We have always thought of our customers as heroes, but never more so than now. We appreciate and support your tireless work today, tomorrow and always.

Covid-19 Response

Motorola Solutions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

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